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Helen McWilliam has a private psychotherapy and supervision practice, and facilitates Gestalt art experience workshops. Helen’s professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Social Science and a Masters of Gestalt Therapy. Through the articles below, Helen shares her knowledge and own experience in Gestalt therapy and philosophy, as well as her love of art, family and community.

What is gestalt therapy? The philosophy, theory and the therapy space by Helen McWilliam

What is Gestalt therapy? Gestalt philosophy, theory and the therapy space

Gestalt therapy began in the 1940s and 50s as a reaction to the diagnostic approach of psychoanalysis which privileged the expertise and insights of the psychoanalyst. Gestalt, in contrast, is considered a form of psychotherapy, focussing on what is immediately present, with insights arising from the relationship between client and therapist. Its philosophical basis is […]